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Chin Implant

Purpose of Procedure

Chin implants are used to correct weak or underprojecting chins. They may also help to augment prejowl hollows which makes the jawline look better and camouflages drooping jowl deformity.

They are most often combined with a rhinoplasty or facelift procedure but may be done as a solo procedure.

Brief Description of the Procedure

This surgery may be performed under local anesthesia with or without intravenous sedation or under general anesthesia. All surgery is done at Dr. Payne's MediCare and California State Certified Pueblo Nuevo Surgery Center located within his office.

Incisions may be may inside the mouth or under the chin. A pocket is created on top of the mandible bone and then a silicone chin implant is inserted. These implants come in different sizes and shapes and each patient has one selected optimal to their needs. These short incisions usually heal nicely and are hidden from view.

Likely Outcome and Longevity

The chin implant procedure is a simple and quick procedure that helps to put the face in better balance. It is a powerful tool to restore optimal facial balance when combined with rhinoplasty surgery. By bringing the chin forward this helps to create a profile that is visually pleasing particularly in patients with big noses. For those patients with jowl deformity chin implants can help to augment the flat zone in front of the jowl along the mandibular jawline and this not only lengthens the mandible making the neck look better but it camouflages the jowl deformity making this unsightly zone look better.

The face will continue to age and more facial/neck treatment will be required as time passes but chin implants generally are long lasting and durable. Other facial surgery that can help to rejuvenate the aging face and neck and to improve the appearance of the mouth and chin include facelifts, cheek lifts, brow lifts, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, topical skin care regimens, botox injections, and soft tissue filler injections including fat, collagen, restylane, perlane, juvederm, radiesse, artefill, sculptra, and other agents.

Recovery Issues

Chin implant surgery is not very painful. There may be some bruising and swelling after surgery but this will resolve quickly. Most patients make a fast recovery from this procedure.

Each client will be given detailed postoperative instructions and medications aimed at minimizing pain and discomfort. Dr. Payne usually calls each patient the evening of surgery and the morning following surgery to reinforce instructions and make sure the patient is doing well.

Most patients are seen one to two times per week for the first few weeks to provide for careful monitoring and instruction. Patients are followed until they are fully healed and back to normal.

Patients may resume exercising and engage in strenuous activity within ten to fourteen days after surgery assuming they feel up to it. Instructions are individualized to fit each person's needs.


Please contact our office for information regarding cost. You can get a ballpark non-binding quote over the phone for this surgical procedure. The cost of the consultation is $100 and will be applied to any surgical procedure that you have. Once you have had your consultation with Dr. Payne the final details of the operative game plan will be made. At that point you will be given a final fee quote. There are multiple options for each patient hence cost may vary from person to person.


Please contact our office if you wish to make an appointment to see Dr. Payne for a consultation. Our office will be happy to talk to you in detail about this procedure. Feel free to ask lots of questions.

Your initial consultation will be with Dr. Payne. This generally will take about 1 hour. You may visit the office prior to this consultation to have preoperative digital photographs taken. If you would like you can view our Before and After album filled with multiple examples of this type of surgery and other facial cosmetic procedures. You will be given multiple brochures and other paperwork which will help to prepare you for your consultation. All your options will be discussed with you at the time you make your first appointment.

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