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The path to your new look starts with a phone call to schedule an appointment with Dr. James R. Payne. During this initial conversation you may pose as many questions as you like to our office staff. They are all well informed about our cosmetic surgery practice and you will find them to be very friendly and helpful.

They will talk with you about what your interests are and guide you to an appropriate initial decision regarding what you think you want to pursue for your surgery/treatment. They can also give you a fee quote which will help you to get an initial idea about what your treatment will cost. All costs, however, are finalized after you see Dr. Payne and all details of your treatment have been worked out. They will inform you as to how our office works and help you to fill in the blanks so you feel comfortable and properly prepared for your first visit with us. You will be given an appointment date for a consultation with Dr. Payne. They will mail you a packet of information including brochures on whatever you are interested in.

You may choose to select our Photo Option. This requires that you schedule a time to stop by our office and have our office staff take a digital picture of whatever body part you are interested in having altered. This image will then be reviewed by Dr. Payne and then his staff will call you to discuss his comments with you. It is primarily used as a tool to help patients understand what will likely be recommended to them for a surgical procedure. This helps patients to plan with respect to issues like cost, scheduling, time off from work, recovery and recuperation, etc.

One advantage of the Photo Option is it introduces patients to our practice. This allows for better communication and information sharing and helps patients to get to know our staff and vice versa. By the time the patient is seeing Dr. Payne they will already have a lot of their questions answered. This helps to increase the patient comfort factor and it helps us to get to know each new patient so that by the time your surgery/treatment has been decided upon we are all acquainted and working well with each other.

When you are ready give us a call and let Dr. Payne's staff know what you want. If the Photo Option sounds appealing to you they will make the appropriate arrangements and get this done for you. We look forward to working with you to make your plastic surgery experience satisfying and comfortable.

Breast Augmentation Tummy Tuck Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Breast Augmentation

While Dr. Payne is well versed in all aspects of aesthetic plastic surgery, his main area of specialty and interest is in breast augmentation.
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Tummy Tuck

One of the most rewarding procedures in cosmetic surgery, the tummy tuck has dramatic and long-lasting results.
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Facial Cosmetic Surgery

From brow lifts to nasal surgery, Dr. Payne's facial procedures offer some of the most dramatic transformations plastic surgery can provide.
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Breast Lift and Implants Massive Weight Loss Clients Laser and Skin Care Services

Breast Lift & Implants

This high-satisfaction procedure lifts and re-contours the breasts and can be accompanied with implants.
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Massive Weight Loss Clients

Dr. Payne offers various treatments for clients who experience massive weight loss due to traditional methods or bariatric surgery.
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Laser & Skin Care Services

Dr. Payne offers a variety of non-surgical anti-aging procedures and products for reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.
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Girl in black and white

Men and women alike undergo body changes as they age that cannot be remedied with dieting and exercise. Body contouring procedures can make clients look and feel better from head to toe. The immensely popular tummy tuck, liposuction for a wide variety of body areas, slimming the upper arms, Brazilian butt lifts and other buttock reshaping, lower body lifts, and other treatments may be rendered alone or in combination.

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